Grupo Cortefiel is renamed Tendam

Madrid, 17 April 2018 – Grupo Cortefiel, a leading international fashion retailer, announces today that it is changing its corporate and visual brand identity to Tendam as part of the strategic plan it embarked upon almost two years ago. From now on, Tendam will be the corporate brand encompassing the Cortefiel, Pedro del Hierro, Women’secret, Springfield and Fifty chains. The new identity has been unveiled globally within the framework of the World Retail Congress being held this week in Madrid.

The transformation plan rolled out by the management team over the past two years provides Tendam with a solid operating and financial position and will allow the Group to address the future challenges of internationalisation, growth and digitalisation.

This process, of which the new corporate identity forms a major part, is structured around five goals: growth underpinned by solid business fundamentals, the successful roll-out of a go-to-market strategy, the growth and profitability of the online channel, enhanced efficiency processes and criteria and the strengthening of the centralised corporate structure to harness synergies across the brands.

Jaume Miquel, CEO Tendam, said: “In view of the consolidation and growth of the multi-brand portfolio, it no longer made sense to define the group by just one of the brand names, even though it was the original founding chain”.

“The Tendam corporate identity allows Grupo Cortefiel to grow as a company and enhance its value as an organisation specialising in brands in the premium mass market segment. The sum of Tendam’s brands will bolster the strength of the Group exponentially, thanks to a management model based on the operational leveraging of its robust central structure”, added Miquel.

The five Tendam brands (Cortefiel, Pedro del Hierro, Women’secret, Springfield and Fifty) will retain their unique identities. Each brand will be able to convey its own identity to its customers, while sharing the common values embodied in the new name of the corporate group: leadership, cooperation, demanding and integrity

Tendam inherits 140 years’ worth of experience and expertise, as well as a network of 2,000 stores in 90 countries.

The change in brand is the result of a process in which various working groups formed by the company participated. Interbrand, a global leader in brand creation and valuation, was retained to conceptualise the new name for the Group, as well as to design the new Tendam logo and corporate identity.

About the new corporate identity

“Brands have considerable influence when it comes to buying fashion, but we should always remember that a supporting corporate brand secures the trust of both the consumer and the market. That’s why Tendam was created to spearhead the potential of the five group brands, as well as their expansion across various markets and segments”, said Interbrand Global Chief Growth Officer and CEO for EMEA & LatAm, Gonzalo Brujó.

The Interbrand Executive Creative Director for EMEA and LatAm, Borja Barrero, highlighted: “We were looking for a name that would encapsulate the idea of presence and strength that a group brand like this one requires. We also wanted to evoke ideas of a group (a tandem of brands) and trends (tendencias in Spanish)”.

The idea of a family of brands that generate multiple possibilities is expressed through the star sign that appears within the letter “E” in the logo. This visual cue comes alive through animation and brand applications, with the star playing a narrative function.

The Tendam tagline, “Global Fashion Retail”, expresses the purpose of the corporate brand and its ambition in an ever-changing market in which boundaries are increasingly blurred.

To showcase the strength, global reach, premium quality and corporate standing of the new brand, Tendam Blue was chosen as the primary and leading colour across all graphic formats.


Madrid, 22 February 2018 – Grupo Cortefiel has announced the appointment of Marc Calabia as Managing Director of Springfield. Marc has extensive experience in executive roles in the retail sector, and will also take a seat on the group’s Management Committee.

Marc Calabia will be heading up Grupo Cortefiel’s youngest, most urban brand with a view to achieving operational excellence, consolidating its prominent position as a leading brand in the segment and expanding its international footprint. Springfield is currently present in almost 70 countries.

Marc, who was previously Chief Product and Merchandising Officer at Desigual, is backed by an extensive track record spanning over 20 years in various senior management roles at companies in the fashion and retail sector. His past positions include Managing Director at The Body Shop, owned by L’Oréal, and Vice-Chairman of Sales for the whole of Southern Europe at Levi Strauss.

The new Grupo Cortefiel executive has a degree in Advertising and Public Relations from the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona and a Postgraduate Degree in Marketing from the Universidad Politécnica de Catalunya.


Madrid, 06 February 2017 – Grupo Cortefiel, a leading international fashion retailer, today announced strong operating and financial results for both the Group and its parent holding company for the first nine months of financial year, which runs from 1 March to 30 November 2017[1].

Adjusted EBITDA grew by 81.7% to 110.9 million euros, versus 61 million euros in the first nine months of the 2016/17 financial year. Adjusted EBITDA LTM[2]  was up 60% from 102.5 million euros in November 2016 to 164.5 million in 2017.

This improved EBITDA was underpinned by an increase in sales, a 3.0 percentage point rise in gross margin over sales and a 2.9% improvement in operating leverage.


% change
Income €810.3m €779.8m +3.9%
Gross margin €512.4m






Adjusted EBITDA €110.9m €61.0m +81.7%


The Group’s income for the period was up 4% year on year to over 810 million euros, reflecting the constant growth in sales.

The online channel performed particularly well; sales were up 33.4% in the overall figures for the first nine months, with growth rates of over 30% across all brands. In the third quarter of the year, e-commerce sales for Grupo Cortefiel as a whole grew by over 40%.

Grupo Cortefiel CEO Jaume Miquel said: “The improvement in profitability in the first nine months of this financial year clearly reflects the strategy implemented in September 2016, which involves strengthening the brands, streamlining the store portfolio, stepping up the expansion plan, controlling stock and improving margins, as well as measures to contain operating expenses.”

“All channels saw strong performance, especially the constant and exceptional growth of the digital channel, which grew by over 30% and represents one of the key drivers of future growth”, Miquel added.

Member figures for Grupo Cortefiel’s clubs and cardholder programmes, one of the Group’s key assets, grew to 21.6 million for all group brands in the first nine months of this financial year. Total club sales were up by 6% versus the first nine months of the 2016/17 financial year.

At the end of the period, the Group’s net debt was down to 555.9 million euros.

As at 30 November, Grupo Cortefiel had a sales network comprising 1,971 stores in over 80 countries, of which 1,181 are directly operated, 678 are franchises and 112 are corners. During the third period, the Group opened to points of sale in Spain, Portugal, Russia, Ireland, Slovenia, Lebanon, Qatar and the Dominican Republic, among others.


[1] Grupo Cortefiel’s 2017/18 financial year runs from 1 March 2017 to 28 February 2018.

[2]LTM: Last Twelve Months.